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Mercari - they get it!

I sell across multiple apps for multiple reasons. Each one seems have their own pros and cons but one that consistently stands out for me is Mercari. They just get it! They are continuously making improvements, adding catergories, offering coupons, authentication services, and so much more. They seem to alway run promos to get sellers to list and buyers to buy. And as a small business owner I appreciate the effort they put into keeping up with the challenging times and to keep the seller successful.

Mercari Highlights

  • Application is easy to use. Whether your are uploading a listing or shopping for yourself the app is easy to navigate and figure out with minimal effort

  • Buyer and Seller Protection. The world of online shopping can produce fraud in both the buying and selling world. Having policies in place to navigate this is a huge plus! For a seller as long as you describe your items, ship on time and have the package scan you should be protected. For buyers if you receive the wrong item, never receive the item or receive the item damaged you are protected.

  • Instant Pay- there are various cash out method available as a seller on Mercari and I like that they offer a small variety. If you want your funds instantly you can cash out for a small fee. This is a really great benefit for sellers.

  • Shop Local - Allows items to be delivered to local buyers for a fee paid by the buyer. costs vary ( $15.99 for smaller items under $50, furniture deliver for $199)

  • Categories are robust! you can sell almost anything on Mercari! similar to eBay in that so many more categories are avaialbe and they send out monthly emails that show what caterogies and items are hot sellers on the app

  • Gift Card Exchange - if you have gift cards to retailers like Target, Starbucks, Ulta that you are not going to use, they are offering to convert those gift cards into shopping credit on Mercari! Take something you are never going to use and turn it into funds to get the item you have been eyeing

I have a referral link- if you sign up with my link you will get up to $30 for your first purchase! Click here to sign up!

There are so many platforms to sell on these days. My opinions of are my own. Do your research. Overwhelmingly selling and buying online is a safe option. Buying second hand is a great way to support circular fashion, find great deals on high ticket items, and support the environment!

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